Dream Big.
Train Smart.
Get Results.

So much depends upon our preparation and mindset

As your coach we will optimize your training and race preparation to achieve your goals

Training Plans for:

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Fran├žais / English

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  • Training Plan.

    Daily workout plan catered to your goals, schedule, commitment-level and ability.

  • Communication.

    Unlimited text and email with me and phone call check-in every month (Francais or English).

  • Race Strategy.

    Complete race plan and strategy consultation for important objectives (pacing, nutrition, gear and more).

Why Me?


I have been researching and testing training protocol for years. The success I've garnered as an athlete reflects my devotion to understanding performance and now I want to help you maximize your potential.

Let's Get Started!

Shoot me an email to set up a free consultation:


  • Sensation and Science

    Training data is equally important as the experience of training. We will use data-driven training analysis and sensation-based feedback to engineer our training structure.

  • Mental and Physical

    A strong body is nothing without a strong mind. We will use training to develop techniques for improving the mental game at the same time increasing our physical capacities.

  • Feed the Passion

    It can be difficult to explain Why We Run, but the answer should direct our training. We will work to design sessions around what motivates us and brings us joy so we can run as long as possible.


Your Personal Coach

Full suite including personalized training program powered by the Nolio app, open communication, and full race plan + strategy. I am there for you! 180€/month

Race Prep (8 weeks or less)

Initial consultation + personalized training plan to prepare you for an upcoming race + race strategy consultation (nutrition/pacing/gear ect) 50€/week


Self-coached? Talking through your training and race prep with a coach can give you fresh insight. I offer phone / video call or meeting face to face if you are in the area. 50€/hour